SONG OF THE SEA (2014) movie review

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song of the sea 20 Moving in Mystery

Mounting in Myth

Wild with Wonder

This Sea Song a gift

song of the sea 15Gasp at the color

Sigh with delight

Sob for the story

A motherless plight

song-of-the-sea-002-birthday-partyThe parallel stories

Of two frozen men

Whose hearts are stone-hardened

When love has to end

song of the sea 9GrandMamas well-meaning,

Imprisoned themselves

In cages without feelings

So their hearts will not melt

song of the sea 14A boy and his sister

The saviors reluctant

Head off on a journey

of purpose, importance

song of the sea 6The selkies, the fairy men,

A magical robe,

The music, the bubbles,

The search for true home

song of the sea 23Sorrow and laughter,

Color and grey,

The story seems simple,

The landscapes homemade.

Both screenplay and screenwork

Surpassed this year’s films

The heartbreak and artwork

Almost overwhelm

song of the sea 5Director Tomm Moore

Deserves accolades

For this musical fairytale

So perfectly made.

Delve deeply in heritage

For the beauty you’ll weep

At this legend in masterpiece

Song of the Seasong-of-the-sea-2-e1424102475622

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“I have only one thing to do and that’s
To be the wave that I am and then
Sink back into the ocean…”

Stealing lyrics I cannot write,
Lyrics that wrote my soul,
Writing words that have no value,
Except filling that Postmodern hole.

Wishing that I had that voice,
which like the waves on rock,
crash and haunt the body
with goosebumps of shock.

(a poem incomplete, inspired by the title song of The Affair, performed by Fiona Apple)

The Princess and the Pea

Between two good songs
When the black sheep of the playlist
Starts bleating its ugly sound,
One begins to feel
All the tiny creases
And uneven bumps
In the bedsheet
And mattress underneath.
The nightly pain and sorrows
Turn to bruises and burns.
Sandwiched by a lowly
Earthy bodily ache
And a higher
Soulful mental debate,
The princess still feels the pinch
of the pea particularly.

The worms come out tonight

The worms come out at night,
Seeking release from the dark wombs of the earth.
Desire brings them out,
Desire, they themselves are.

The comfort of the dark starry sky
echoes the hugging comfort of the soil
Both places are untamed expanses
Where Desire roams free embedded.

As Desire turns to lust,
the worms begin to rust,
before they reach their graves,
in the light of dawn’s haze.

Desire dies tonight.
Again as it has always been.
Pent up or released,
Desire turned to dust.