10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo


Hahaha! And don’t forget this one out: You throw “Arigato gozaimasu” like confetti!

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1. You can’t stop using useful Japanese words.


2. Everything is natsukashii.


3. You forget what words aren’t English.

J34. You simply forget English words.


5. You use Japanese particles in your sentences.


6. You use Japanese English.


7. You talk to yourself in Japanese.


8. Your answers become more vague.


9. You make lame bilingual puns.


10. And lastly, you can’t help yourself.


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An Ode to a Clove Cigarette: Also an extended metaphor of love

Your unique fragrance
perceptible to all as unique
sets you apart when you are lit.
Your uniqueness transfers to me.
Or is it vice versa?
because only I’m a romantic fool enough to love you.
The sweet taste you leave on the lips
Is sweeter for its forbiddenness.
Yes, you are mostly harmful.
My lungs will perhaps not survive you.
But what is the point of living anyway
if one cannot enjoy it while life burns out.
Don’t we return to dust and ashes anyway?
So, let me smoke you health-freaks and naysayers.
Let me burn along with it,
’cause burning without it ain’t worth it.

Taking Care of Business

I think cats feel that doing one’s business is embarrassing. I say this after observing some of Simba’s mannerism when doing it. The look Simba has when making a number or the way he covers it up or even when I go near his litter tray to clean it, indicates to me sense of shame at what he has done. The very fact that cats leave ‘gifts’ around if their litter box is not clean, also shows that they are very aware of the ‘dirty’ aspect of poop and pee. And just why should a cat’s litter box must be placed in an accessible yet private space?

The Cycle

This is a cycle.
I do something.
Or maybe I don’t something.
I usually have no clue what it is that I’m doing or not doing.
I don’t know the repercussions of my action or inaction.
I’m kinda clueless that way at times.
But then by that action or inaction, I end up hurting someone.
That someone is usually a good friend.
Even a best friend.
But that friend doesn’t tell me.
Until later.
By that point the hurt has probably brewed.
When I’m told, it hurts me.
I didn’t mean to do the thing or not do the thing on purpose to hurt them.
Do they even realise how hurt I feel for having unwittingly and unconsciously hurt them?
Can they not forgive me because the sorrow is not false or pretentious.
But it takes time for that hurt to get by.
On both ends.
By that time I remember how I’ve easily forgiven the other so many times in the past never once revealing how much the other person’s action or inaction had hurt me.
But why should that matter to the friend?
They are hurting.
Because of me.
I’m never a victim.
Always the bad guy.
And so I push people away.
If they aren’t ready to be as forgiving as I have been, should they be in my life.
This is the cycle.
How to lose friends and alienate people.

SONG OF THE SEA (2014) movie review

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song of the sea 20 Moving in Mystery

Mounting in Myth

Wild with Wonder

This Sea Song a gift

song of the sea 15Gasp at the color

Sigh with delight

Sob for the story

A motherless plight

song-of-the-sea-002-birthday-partyThe parallel stories

Of two frozen men

Whose hearts are stone-hardened

When love has to end

song of the sea 9GrandMamas well-meaning,

Imprisoned themselves

In cages without feelings

So their hearts will not melt

song of the sea 14A boy and his sister

The saviors reluctant

Head off on a journey

of purpose, importance

song of the sea 6The selkies, the fairy men,

A magical robe,

The music, the bubbles,

The search for true home

song of the sea 23Sorrow and laughter,

Color and grey,

The story seems simple,

The landscapes homemade.

Both screenplay and screenwork

Surpassed this year’s films

The heartbreak and artwork

Almost overwhelm

song of the sea 5Director Tomm Moore

Deserves accolades

For this musical fairytale

So perfectly made.

Delve deeply in heritage

For the beauty you’ll weep

At this legend in masterpiece

Song of the Seasong-of-the-sea-2-e1424102475622

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“I have only one thing to do and that’s
To be the wave that I am and then
Sink back into the ocean…”

Stealing lyrics I cannot write,
Lyrics that wrote my soul,
Writing words that have no value,
Except filling that Postmodern hole.

Wishing that I had that voice,
which like the waves on rock,
crash and haunt the body
with goosebumps of shock.

(a poem incomplete, inspired by the title song of The Affair, performed by Fiona Apple)