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Awaiting Silence

Everyday, every moment, Drum beats of time Enter my soul Disturb my mind. Incessantly, Unendingly, Their throbs increase my heartbeat Until all I hear is the percussion Of blood Flowing in a mortal shell Which will crack open To reveal nothing But the goo Of flesh broken down By the constant thumping And pounding.

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Rendezvous with an Artist: Reena Saini Kallat

During the first semester of the course, we have visited two artists’ studios – Atul Dodiya’s and Reena Saini Kallat’s. Both studios were impressively large and awe-inspiring spaces. Ironically, in a city which seems sometimes to crowd in a dizzying claustrophobic breathlessness, these open spaces that allows the artist to breathe took our breath away.… Continue reading Rendezvous with an Artist: Reena Saini Kallat

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She is gone.

There are painful memories not yet stored deep in the core. These memories are just beneath the crust of day-to-day existence. They are hot magma swirling around in the upper mantle, and occasionally, but with sufficient volcanic destruction, they bursts forth, rupturing the crusty mundane life of the everyday. Like now. Seeing a hypocritical message on Whatsass… Continue reading She is gone.


There are very  few times when I wish I had either a big brawny boyfriend or brother or friend, who would bring his other big brawny friends and beat the shit out of someone for me. And then I think, I’m not one of those women, and I should be feminist enough to deliver justice on… Continue reading


A Traveler and a Tourist Walked into a Bar

Remember how annoyingly secretive I was being about something in the previous posts about my goals, as if anybody is really following my process? Even though I basically did include it in the list of my goals right at the beginning, and there was little reason therefore to be superstitious about it!? The goal for… Continue reading A Traveler and a Tourist Walked into a Bar