Just for Fun

58. Spend overnight on a boat.

I actually spent 3 nights on the A-Line Ferry to Okinawa from Tokyo. I took this ferry and cancelled my flight to Naha in order to include a trip to Kushima to meet Ben, Rosa and Poo. I traveled from Tokyo to Shibushi in Kyushu where I stayed for 5 days and then took the same ferry with the same crew on it’s second journey to Naha. I left Tokyo around 12am on 25th Feb 2012, reached Shibushi on Monday, 27th Feb. at 5:30am. Then I took the ferry again on 2nd March at 9:30pm and reached Naha at around 6:30 on 3rd March.  This was my first cabin. The cheapest ticket does not get you a room with a view!

This was the ferry:

And I saw dolphins from the bow! (Illegally, because that area was restricted access and I just jumped the fence!)

The lobby and some of the dinning rooms were lovely.

I tried to stay out on the deck as much as possible, braving the cold Pacific Ocean. The cabin was kinda claustrophobic because of the lack of view.

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