The Call

Ever got that random call at a random hour from a random person to help some random girl sick with some random disease at some random hospital? (And no, I wasn’t trying to replace a curse with the word “random”)

My dad who is extra-conservative when it comes to money and technology, got such a call yesterday. He does not like that he owns a credit card because that leaves him susceptible to internet fraud, even though he has never really used it on the internet by himself. He also thinks that random calls can defraud him just by calling him.

So what does this paranoia do? It gives birth to humour.

After listening to the random caller for a while, my dad  scolded the caller for wasting both their time with such nonsense and calling at times when someone might be sleeping or working. It was not what he said but the way my dad said it that was funny. He made the guy and me think that he was sympathetic and I would have thought my dad would politely refuse. And, I know my dad to be a real softie deep inside. Thus the contrast was glaring.

Also, I found the irony funny. Poor guy calling about a girl needing an operation she could not afford being told not to disturb people from their sleep. If the guy was genuine, and I know most of us will doubt that, it would have been a terrible thing to say. Part of knows my laughter shows I have a mean streak and that makes me a bad person, but since we can be 99.99% sure that this is a scam, it’s just funny.


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