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Brave-ing It

 47. Go watch a movie alone at a cinema hall.

Ever since I knew the next Pixar movie was a  story of a young  Scottish girl -nay, princess – I was in! I have been waiting for this movie eagerly. And I had decided that this was to be my “alone” movie. I was going to be brave for once, for Brave. What’s so scary about going and watching a movie by yourself anyway? The scary part in this case was that I was the only adult not accompanied by at least two kids!! One had a passel of brats with her that occupied an entire row and had arguments about who was going to sit on the edge and who in the middle. There was a kid behind me who exclaimed and gushed at the Disney opening logo!! She didn’t need to see the movie at all to be amazed! I wondered about the first Disney movie I had seen and whether I was as amazed. I am sure I must have been.

But, Brave… I had resolved to see this movie alone, but I had to wait until after my exam was over. Today, I got up late, and was dragged out of the house by dad even before the coffee had kicked in. I hadn’t even showered! I was forced to throw on some clothes and slap on basic makeup and head out. Once out, I didn’t want to go home again! So, it really was a spur of the moment thing. I just did it! Changed my Fate. 🙂

But, Brave… I will have to get the DVD version once its out to appreciate the full beauty of the world they created, because the 3D version just spoilt that part for me. The 3D glasses darken the picture, and this movie is mostly dark. Taking off the glasses means that the movie is blurred. The only theater showing the movie in 2D is extremely far away from my house. You see where I am going with this? Don’t make 3D movies until you improve the technology, Hollywood!!!!! Jeez!

But Brave… It’s not on the top of my favourite Pixar list for reasons other than its Dimension. It was more a kids movie than, let’s say, Wall-E or Up, which had elements that only an adult would really appreciate. Brave was a movie for children’s ages 5 to 1o years. I still loved it, because I still have my 5-year old self in me. I know many other adults would dismiss it as another fairytale. It is really a fairytale. Just one which makes you rethink your relationship with your mother. And if I wanted to be nasty, I’d bring up Freud here, but that’s just me being Freudian myself. (If you got the joke, then please let me know in a comment or something, I will send you one item of whatever material thing your Id desires).

But Brave… overall, I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. And a gazillion stars to the short La Luna which opened Brave. Such creativity astounds me! It was BEEEYUUUUUTIIFUL! Can’t gush about it enough. That short is a masterpiece and it deserves the Oscar! Why didn’t it get it? I wonder what magicalness must have superseded this… this.. this 7-minute awesomeness which brought happy tears to my eyes? (Read this after you see the short, Isa)

But, Brave… (Spoiler Alert) The one thing I LOVED about the movie is non-traditional ending of the fairytale. If it had what most people in the audience were secretly hoping for, then Brave would have surely been a lesser movie. The way it ended was perfectly satisfying to the Feminist in me. Thank you, writers Mark Andrews, Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman and Irene Mecchi,  for that!

But, Brave

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