Recipe # 7 – Baked Pasta

I made Baked Pasta tonight. It was finished before I remembered to take a picture of it… It was delicious, and you have to take my word for it. To sound sincere, I will tell you that the two things wrong were that the salt was less and that the addition of peas was a bad idea. While peas taste good with Baked Vegetables, something goes wrong with pasta and peas, and it’s a very Indian thing to do…adding green peas to Pasta! I was debating whether to add them, and I should have gone with my intuition. *Insert pun about gut-feeling, Delete pun about gut-feeling….

I added 2 onions, 1 red bell pepper, 2 green bell pepper, some corn kernels, some green peas, some green olives (coz I’m out of black ones) and boiled Spirelli pasta with white sauce, mozzarella,  and  spice/herbs.

The white sauce was the beauty of it. It came out smooth and nice. I tried a new recipe for that because my mom’s wasn’t working out. So, I melted 2 tbsps ghee (or butter for you puritans!), added 2 tbsps flour and turned off the heat. Added 1/4 tsp salt. And then 1 cup milk to this. Turned on the heat and kept stirring for a couple of mins. one can add herbs to this if one wants. I didn’t.

Try it! I’m gonna make it again and then post a picture too!

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