Things That Happen At Work – Updated!

In a serious faculty meeting where existential questions were being raised, animals kept entering the room. A family of stray dogs, the dad, the mom and the pup walked in, sniffed around and (the pup) got petted. THEN two monkeys crashed into the room, and immediately one started humping the other!

A student with Asperger’s Syndrome asks me in class to call him LeatherFace, because that is what he was called in school where he wore a leather jacket the same colour as his face.

I discuss personality traits and qualities, ask students to make a few sentences describing themselves, a boy makes the following sentence: “I am shy when I am in girls.” Another boy smiles weirdly while I try to keep a straight face. I correct him without explaining.

A dog walks into my class sniffing and wagging his tail, up to where I am standing and delivering my knowledge,  and I have to shoo it outside while laughing unable to be serious.

A kid walks in to the classroom where our orientation programme is going on, his phone rings in the cartoonesque tone of disappointment while he asks if this is the Eco Hons. class. It is not, so he walks out while his phone keeps moaning its cartoonesque tone of disappointment (I don’t know how else to describe that sound).

A rat eats my lunch. It jumps into my purse which I kept on my cubicle counter/desk; it proceeds to chew through the cotton bag my pseudo-supervisor in Okinawa (Kazuko sensei) gave to me; it reaches the aluminum foil which it also swallows along with the aloo parantha (potato-stuffed Indian flat-bread) inside. I am left to the mercy of my colleagues who share their food with me.


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