Stoner Diaries!

I LOVE sweet things!
I also happen to love weed.
It is JUST aWeSomE!!
Sue me, arrest me, I don’t care what you think!
I’m a punk.
I’m a metalhead.
Go Fuck yourselves, if you are too scandalised!
I don’t need your morality, your stupid codes, your laws!!
I’m showing my middlefinger
at YOU and smiling, you Babylon!


Run, run, Downpression MAN! Wher you gonna run to now..?

Run Forrest run! Downpression man is running too. He’s coming to get you!
Downpression man’s been chasing me too long.
Ain’t no more I takin’ fro him!

I know who he is! I know who you are! I know who I am!

I’m an Indian,
but not a Hindu-Muslim-Christian-Buddhist-Sikh-Jain-Baha’i-Jew, I’m Juhi. Jewhie.
I’m Indian and I am corrupt! I’m evil! and I want to bomb it all!
I’m a Teacher, I teach and teach and teach,
but never stop learning, while you never stop never learning!
I’m a Human, a vegetarian, not a carnivour, you flesh eating monsters!
I’m a Human and existential!
I’m a Woman, not a mother-sister-daughter,
and I have a vagina and it’s a party by invitation only!
I’m a Body, fat with needs and desires this sad disgusting world around me can’t live upto!
I’m a Voice, it may not always be harmonious but I sure can sing!
I don’t care if you listen, your deaf mouth and mute ears block beauty’s notes for your own cacophonous notions, so what will my average sound bite do for you?

I am a ragged claw scuttling across the floors of silent seas.
I am a Post.
A Porous Post.
I am a post post.
I am a postmodernist post.
I am popo
I am nothing.
Not a thing!
Note a thing or two from the Indian bureaucracy about not and note.
Not Acceptable!

I love word. I love weed. I love word-association Is there a World Association of Word Association. Cause I would so chair that! Cheers! Clink!

bottomline: Freshly press this, hegemony!
This was brought you by cannabis foundation, Inc corporation Limited!

Frozen yogurt is nice, too!


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