Missing Sheldon

My pet stray cat has been missing for over a week. I have not heard her meowing nor have I seen her since last Monday. She usually came to our house in the evenings demanding food. But she hasn’t shown up. The last time I saw her was when a neighbour was bitching about my mom to another neighbour and complaining about the cat amongst other things. Despite various death threats against her, I and my mom were still feeding her. Apparently feeding a hungry friendly animal and loving it is a crime where I live. I have been having bad dreams about Sheldon and have woken up many times sobbing in my sleep.

So, dear Sheldon, I miss you. I hope that you are in a better place wherever you are. I will forever feel guilty for my inability to stand up against my parents and adopt you. You were the cutest, most clever cat I ever knew! Rest in Peace.



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