Three JUs

While watching Julie & Julia again today, I just realised a couple of things. Firstly, I never noticed the cat before, the nameless unimportant cat. Secondly, when someone means so much to you, when you have an idea and an image of someone in your head, when you love that idea/image SO much, and when the real person behind that idea/image says something negative it hurts, really hurts, but one must not take those words to heart. Be the bigger person and move on. This is the lesson I must learn today. One student’s negative words cannot define me as a teacher.

I also realised that blogging about anything makes it even more important to you than it might ever be. It also makes everything better.

4 thoughts on “Three JUs

    1. I feel the need to reply to your comments, when many-a-times the reply can only be a soft smile, which doesn’t really translate into words, and which becomes a bit trivial when put as an emoticon! Nonetheless, 🙂

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