Whispers from the Heart, Ramblings

Here I am, with my raspberry and mango Popsicle, enjoying the summer night, dreaming of a better life, thinking I should write more poetry!

April is over and I really can’t believe how that happened! I clearly remember reading that it was to be NaPoWriMo and I thought, “Just the sort of challenge I need to get me outta my writer’s block!” Can’t really believe that I read that over a month ago. can’t believe I actually went with it and now have 30 more poems to my small oeuvre.

I managed to be dedicated and write a poem each day. I completed a challenge, which despite my OCD-ishness, is something the procrastinator in me would have prevented. I didn’t follow the prompts or register my site, because I felt it was for me, to see if I could do it. Even though I don’t care much for most of what I wrote, I feel that it was an accomplishment to sit down everyday and come up with a string of words which were potentially poetic.

Just yesterday I saw Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart again. It is definitely my most favourite of all Ghibli productions because it reminds of both my lives: Kichijoji (Western Tokyo) and Motobu (Okinawa). I related to it a lot more in this re-watching, because I finally understood the intense drama Shizuku feels as she attempts to write a short story. She takes up the challenge for herself; how she overcomes her fear of other people reading her work; what she discovers of herself; and the coming of age in the process. Although I feel I sorta came of age a while ago, I still related a lot to all the rest of the elements a lot more this time! 

I’m glad April is over. NaPoWriMo helped me get over April. Most of this month went by in whirlwind of small sadnesses and self-inflicted wounds and resulting loneliness. Many poems were a reflection of what was going on with me, but not all. I hope they aren’t read too autobiographically! After all, the poetic persona is a different being!

I’m also a little sad that April is over. I feel the loss of not having to push myself to churn out some rhymes and meters. Yet, May has brought some hope of another kind.

I usually like May, despite the awful dust and heat of Delhi. There is the Flamboyant (Gulmohar) red and Laburnum (Amaltas) yellow blooms to delight the eyes in a city where the only colour one usually finds is in the tacky clothes of its people. May also brings along Watermelons and Honeydew melons and Musk mellons and Cantaloupes… (as you can guess, I love melons of any kind). Also, mugicha. And falling asleep for a nap to a gentle breeze on a hot day (Well, actually, that’s more of island-life-hammock-on-the-porch-nostalgia than actual Delhi summer leitmotif. In Delhi summer, one falls off to sleep only when the AC cools the room enough). Another feature about May that I like is that it signals the start of the summer vacations! The biggest benefit of teaching as a career option is definitely the summer vacation!  And this year I don’t need to spend my vacations studying to pass the stupid UGC NET, I can make travel plans and implement them! This is to be the best summer in a long time. Simple joys, people!


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