Just for Fun

57. Watch a sunrise.


Considering how Barcelona is on the eastern coast, I thought it would be a good place to catch the sunrise from and fulfill this goal.

So, on my last day there (ie, 13th June 2013, Thursday), having donned my swimming suit, and armed with my camera, I set out from the hostel between 5:15 to 5:30 am. The sun was set to rise around 6:15 and I thought I would be there in good time. Except the stated 10 minute walk from Barcelonetta metro station to the coast turned out to be way longer. By the time I reached close to the sea, the sun was already rising.

I had the company of a Briton called Gary who was also looking for the coast with his friend (Erwin/Yurin – I don’t know). It was really funny actually, since Gary and I both opened our mouths to ask for directions at the same time when we saw each other. Gary was able to spur me on to walk faster, so I managed to catch the sunrise. Afterwards, he took off with Erw/Yurin and I headed to the beach for a swim.

All in all, I think the place from across the boats in the harbour, from where I saw the sun rise, was a better spot than the bare sea shore. It provided a better foreground for the colours of the sun to stand in contrast.

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