Paying the debt?

There is a story behind this. Some of my friends would be familiar with an Instagram version of this I uploaded once -with a filter. Here it is, from my Dad’s Nikon DSLR, unfiltered.

I came across this graffiti when I was lost in the street of Barcelona on my first day. I was trying to find a vegetarian falafel place and I took a wrong turn which turned into many wrong turns because I had lost orientation completely. The maps were not oriented north with no mention of their actual orientation and so I was doubly lost! I’m not a person who is usually lost – direction-wise at least!

It was a Monday and I was sorely missing new episodes of Game of Thrones. The season was over, people all over the world were being shocked (I’m shocked that they were being shocked, its kind of obvious that you will be shocked – that’s the whole point isn’t it, to be shocked?).

It was a Monday and I got my dose – in a different medium, visual instead of video, but dose nonetheless! And I was shocked – by the beauty and strangeness of coming – so randomly – across something I was missing and thinking about.


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