Just for Fun

46. Paraglide!

(up up and away!) (I believe I can fly!) (all the crude flying cliches cannot prevent this one from being one of the most glorious things I have done in my life)

While in Switzerland, I wanted to try something adventurous. I was oscillating between skydiving or paragliding. Interlaken is one of the best places to do either activity. Since I wanted to go up Jungfrau also, I stayed in Interlaken at Backpacker’s Villa for a night, instead of commuting from Zurich (my base). Early in the morning, I decided to take the leap, so to say. I finally decided against skydiving for many reasons. Money was one, and I have my heart set on skydiving in Fiji, thanks to another blogger. Sigh!

Anyway, I must have been one of the very few people who went up that early in the morning, but I think it was the best time to paraglide. The morning sun was beautiful. The air was a bit chilly, but did not leave me with chattering teeth. I did however not have protective goggles, so after we took off I remembered and feared for my contact lenses when my eyes started watering.

Taking off was so easy! I was under the assumption that we’d run a little and then jump or something. The tandem instructor told me that we would walk and then walk a little faster. When he started walking I had no idea that we were ready to go. We barely took three steps and we were up in the air. It was exhilarating! I loved it!

The taking of pictures was slightly annoying, I wanted to concentrate on the view and the feeling of flying, but I am glad that I have photos and a video (which I will not share!) to remind me of the time I flew. The other thing that was annoying was that it didn’t last forever. I think however long I’d have been up there, I’d still come back feeling that it was too short.

I’m so glad I did this. This wasn’t originally on my 101 goals list, but I think it strongly deserves to be!

And I’m so ready for my next adventure! Thank you, Skywings!

PS: Vatsan, if you are reading this, that red jacket (as well as the shoes) was provided to me by the pilot, it is not my own, ie not the one you hate so much. 🙂


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