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Not Fair

I just finished watching “Snow White and the Huntsman” and what a big mistake was that! But I must take something from those hours wasted…

I’m not too sure whether any scholar has previously written about this idea that struck me while watching. The evil queen’s question itself excludes her from the answer. “Mirror, mirror on the wall/ Who’s the fairest of them all” (my italics). She can never be the fairest since she doesn’t include herself in the question to begin with.

I need to do more research on this, lest I be accused of plagiarism. Incidentally, I had a lengthy discussion on this very aspect in my English for Academic Purposes course today. Students wanted to know if it was plagiarism even when one comes up with an idea that may have been written about in a source they have not read nor know of.

Who knew that it would apply on me so soon.


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