New Year New Hopes!

It’s a lovely and bright January 1st in Tokyo. It’s warmer than usual for the day at this time of the year. Started the year in the Japanese traditional way of visiting a temple soon after the countdown where I prayed for something selfless but also selfish even though I am not really a believer. I did Omikuji. It gave me a ‘fairly good’ luck for the new year which I am happy with. I have three more days in Tokyo and I’m hoping to live it up!

I am full of happiness and hope for the New Year. I have goals which I am determined to fulfil. A new 101 in 1001 list to make and put up on the blog.

I am also looking forward to returning to my city, Delhi, because of various reasons. On the work front, a new semester brings a new course on Art that I will be teaching. I still have to write the final course description but I know that it will include Monet, Munch, Picasso, and Dali paintings among lots of other artists, some Harlem Renaissance poems, Ginsberg’s Howl, punk songs, and pop art. So, I am hugely excited.

Politically, my city has a Chief Minister who is rock solid and who I believe will bring change in a corrupt system and relief to victims of this corrupt tradition of politics. And even though only tomorrow (literally) will tell if he has a chance, after the confidence vote in the legislative assembly, the optimist in me is betting on him. My vote will not go in vain!

Expect more from me on my blog, I will not neglect it like I have been doing for a while now!


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