Blues for Pablo

Picasso Self-portrait 1972

What painful madness
did you hide in your unconscious?
Those blue oceans of sadness
That are your sunken eyes,
contain the melancholia of the world.
Oh Pablo! Do not be anxious!
Old age will not be
the death of your Youth!
Then why do you seem blue?
Your blue period is over, isn’t it?
Your shoulders are shrunken
Haven’t you carried a burden too heavy?
You have been a superstar artist too long.
But can’t you see?
People still love you,
Look at that throng
out on the streets of Barcelona!
Stop staring at your death! Look!
This African mask you have donned
will not save you from primordial remorse.
Smile, release that tightness of your lips, so straight.
Can you not know how many shall stand
and weep in front of this – your last self-portrait?

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