Good Deeds

It’s Caturday!

I adopted a cat today. He is a 9-month old ginger male called Simba. I adopted him from Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center in Raja Garden, Delhi. He has had various humans it seems and he landed up at the shelter after going to a house where the already existing cat didn’t take to him – nearly mauled him up. So the lady had to leave him at the shelter, where he was living scared and depressed. He had eaten a bit of chicken and rice this morning at the shelter after not eating for two days. He had some boiled egg at my place, and he seems to have a better appetite, going to the dish by himself.

When bringing him home he seemed anxious in the car. He kept meowing and jumping all around. The sound of the car horn was painful to him and once he saw a dog out of the window and all hell broke loose! He seemed better after the car stopped upon reaching home. When I released him in my room, he instantly ran under the bed. But a drink of water later he was soon exploring the house and following me and my sister around. A couple of hours later, with some more water and some food in his belly, he was on my lap purring away contentedly.

He doesn’t seem to like the balcony, but maybe daytime joys will attract him outside, especially all the birds. And he doesn’t like to be alone. There has to be a human around, and I am, the proud mommy!

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