New Recipe Tried: Blooming Onion

I made my version of the Blooming Onion today. I didn’t follow the usual recipe, and I didn’t have the big white onion called for in this recipe, but I still managed a very tasty dish with big-ish red onions. My mom, usually critical of everything I make, liked it. And my dad took the first piece hesitantly but the second with relish. So, overall a success even though it doesn’t look that great.


I cannot give exact quanities of the ingredients I used, since I mostly winged it, but I can tell you what I used: White Flour, about 1 cup Milk, 1 Egg, Spices, 3 Red Onions, Oil for frying.

What I did was add the dry flour part to the liquid batter part to make a thick batter, since the dry flour part just wasn’t working for me. What I ended up doing wrong was making the batter too thin, so adding more flour made me a lot more batter than was needed.


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