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How to Train Your Cinema Halls for 3D

Yesterday, I went to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2” – my fourth alone-movie-watching-experience. I went to what is considered a decent cinema hall – PVR Cinemas in Subhash Nagar. Firstly they bored us with many commercials and quite a few of them were even inappropriate for a children’s movie. I’m not a prude about sex, but I don’t want my child to see ads of Sex and the City or overly sensual ads of Engage Deodorants and ChocOn or Vivel Soaps when I take him/her to see an animation movie.

Also, when I do take my kid to a 3D animation movie, I want the 3D to work. I don’t want to see double images because the ignorant projectionist sitting in the box doesn’t know how to do his job. I only needed to see the Dreamworks title to know that this was not working. I was the first to get up and many people followed me, but only to change their glasses – as if that would do the trick!

I went to the manager to request a refund on my ticket ’cause I wasn’t going to take any of this crap! And that was when things got sorted. The manager came along to the auditorium and spoke to the projectionist on a walkie-talkie and got it fixed. By then one more lady who had accompanied a passel of brats was raising her voice. I told the manager to restart the film, and the other lady also seconded my demand. Our wish was granted and when the movie stopped to be rerun, some idiots in the hall actually moaned! Could they not see that they were seeing a double image, and not a properly aligned 3D image? That’s how stupid some of my countryfolk are! I couldn’t resist shouting “Oh! hold your horses, people! They are restarting the movie to we can see it with the correct alignment from the beginning! It’s a good thing. Chill!”

After I sat down, and the movie played correctly, I heard a man behind me who had come with a little boy and girl, say to them, “Ah! so it wasn’t our eyes that were defective!” This man needed a standing ovation, I tell you!

Again on this blog I rant about the lack of IMAX in Delhi and about how movies are unnecessarily made in 3D without good technology to support its viewing. Like the new X-Men movie – such unnecessary 3D. I’m so sick of this! I miss old school 35mm 2D films!

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