Galaxy Themed Japanese Fan

In Japan, if you are walking down the street, chances are you will be randomly presented with things. These things – more likely to be tissues – would have an advertisement in them promoting something or the other -a new restaurant or an offer for discounted contact lenses. If you are lucky, you might even be handed samples of things, my sister once got lipstick samples! In the summer, you are more likely to be handed these type of plastic fans to cool off the terrible heat! You can fan yourself exclaiming, “atsui desu ne!!” despite the tackiness of the free ad plastic fan!

We have tons of these lying around because this is one free thing that is actually awesome for Indians where constant power cuts in the afternoons of peak of summer are as common as the pestilential bugs that infest this Turd-World Country.

So I went ahead and refurbished one side of this fan in what is fast becoming my obsession – galaxy themed acrylic painting. Also I was channeling my anger at a someone to a more creative use.


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