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I have been meaning to blog for a while now. I have ignored my blog for so long that I think it was like that chore you put off until it can no longer be put off for later. So even though I have been mulling over this since June, I have not until today actually sat down to blog. Also I am trying to procrastinate less and less from this month.

Today I am one month away from turning 33. How did I get so old? I do not know, I cannot fathom how I have managed to be this age, single, jobless, unfit, not completely healthy, still suffering from PCOD with no signs of healing. If I stay on the course, I will end up an infertile old maid, dependant upon my parents money, and that since they are all factors I have the complete ability to change I am struggling to do so.

The first and most important is health. Although you may not believe it if you saw me, I was 84 kilos in the beginning June. I am not sure what I weigh now, but I had manged to lose 4 kilos by the end of June. Since I was travelling, I may or may not have lost more weight, I may have even gained more. I don’t want to think about it. All I want to do is get up and step out. And then keep taking steps. one foot after the other. I exercise without any mathematics involved – without calculating my heart rate, or counting my steps, or recording my progress in any way whatsoever. I resist all attempts for a reason: if I start calculating I will stop exercising. I know it. I found out I lost 4 kgs and that was it. My happiness  makes me overconfident. So until I start looking the way I need to and feeling the way I need to, I will not calculate, and I will just keep swimming (saying that like Dory).

What I do love walking for, is not only the endorphins that the walk boosts up, but also the music that keeps me going. When I used to go to the gym at my hostel, I used to listen to some songs. And I blogged about it on my old blog. Apart from adding more songs to the list, the playlist hasn’t changed much! I copy the blog here and add more at the bottom:

“I have been going to the gym in the hostel regularly enough these days. Yesterday, I realised how important my lil iPod nano has become for me; it ran out of battery power, and I felt stranded. So, I decided to write a post on my favourite gym songs, i.e. songs that really get me going to push myself that much further.

    • Supermassive Black Hole by Muse: I hate to begin my workout with this song. I randomly select a song with eyes closed. I have the shuffle feature on and when this song suddenly comes on when least expected, a smile comes on my face. It’s my favourite Muse song (a band I don’t particularly die for) but, I love the pace of this song. Also, it reminds me of the Cullens in their most playful, and for me their most sexy moment! “oooooooooooaaaaaaaah! you set my soul alive….” 🙂
    • Faint by Linkin Park: With its 135 beats per second, it is the best song ever to run with!! Another good one is the mashup of “faint” and “Toxic”by Britney Spears! (I Know!! It’s crazy – I like a song that is remotely related to Britney Spears!!)
    • Paranoid by Megadeth: It’s a cover of the Black Sabbath song. It’s faster than the original version, and therefore a prefered version.
    • Prince of Darkness by Megadeth: The lyrics are awesome. The beat is awesome. The vocals a good-creepy awesome 🙂 ! It builds up bit by bit. And when it hits the part where the bass starts… ah! it makes me feel like feline – smooth, sleek, sly, sinuous… evil! and my movements match up!
    • Orgasmatron by Sepultura: Another cover song. Originally by Motorhead, apparently… coz I only know the Sepultura version, which I love!!!!! The build up is soooo…. AHH! The drums superb! if only I could hear this live! when the guitar solo comes in and the drums progress… are there any words to describe music? every time I hear this song, I want to stand up, headbang, energy seems to pulsate thru my body!
    • Mr Brightside by The Killers: It’s slower.. by a minuscule degree from my other favs… but I generally like this one to start off with.
    • Don’t Stay by Linkin Park: LP have great gyming songs with the appropriate fast pace I need with racy beats and strong bass sounds. I prefer the album Meteora.. Figure.09 is also a good song.
    • Chop Suey by System of a Down: I was introduced to SOAD by David while driving down to Book Club. I remember he scared me quite a bit. Coz the song came on and he shouted-sang along to the “You wanted to” part. And I wasn’t paying attention at all, and suddenly dave is headbanging while driving!! Then I was too surprised to notice the beauty of this song, but now I know better! 🙂
    • Sleeping Awake by P.O.D.: From the soundtrack of The Matrix Reloaded, this song seems slower to my ears than other heavier songs. But, I love it!
    • Reload by Rob Zombie: Another Matrix Reloaded song… This is the best! It is so fast! Awesome beats. I would love for this song to be played in a club and I would love to be in that club when it is played!
    • Bring Me to Life by Evanescence: OK, I know, this isn’t a typical gyming number… but the chorus is heavy enough for me!
    • Snowblind by System of a Down: Another SOAD song that really gets me going. there is no build up, it just starts! when I first heard their discography, most songs seemed incomprehensible, they are just so fast! But my ears are quite attuned now and I actually crave faster tracks at times!! Apparently, this is also an original Black Sabbath song… guess I should download and listen to them!
    • Ryukyu no Kokoro by Mongol 800: At least one Japanese song! There are so many fast paced J-Pop songs, but I choose the punk one! 🙂 This song starts slow, but hell! Does it pick up a beat or what!?
    • Decode by Paramour: Ok, fact is I LOVE the Twilight soundtrack!
      The part I like best is when the lyrics are

      “The truth is hiding in your eyes
      And its hanging on your tongue
      Just boiling in my blood,
      But you think that I can’t see
      What kind of man that you are
      If you’re a man at all
      Well, I will figure this one out on my own
      (I’m screaming “I love you so…”
      But my thoughts you can’t decode)

    • Stupify by Disturbed: When I first heard this song in a heavy metal compilation CD a friend from Maldives lent me, I was like “woa, wait a minute, this song should be in a Harry Potter movie!” but then, I looked up the lyrics… hahaha! i am sure parents wont approve of the use of the f-word! No build up, just start ‘whack’/fuck/rock-ing away! 🙂

    • Toxicity by SOAD: SOAD are great! So wish I could attend a concert.. so wish they would get back together and come to Delhi… Wishful thinking… If ever they do go on tour, I will so be buying a ticket! Toxicity was my first SOAD fav. I didn’t know that its one of their most successful songs. I just liked it for the melody entwined with heavy sounds. Vocals.. perfect; Lyrics.. perfect; Guitar.. perfect; Bass.. perfect; Drums.. perfect; SONG.. perfect!!

So, this has been a nice change from my sad posts, huh? 🙂

The songs that got added to the list are as follows:

  1. “Take Me to the Riot” by Stars: Indiepop! Have my tastes changed or what? I believe this was on the OST to some other vampire serial I was following for a while. I loaded all these songs I never listened to until I did and some I fell in love with. This has a great tempo right from the beginning and the lyrics match the evening sky light when I go for my strolls:”Grey skies and light fading/ Headlamps making patterns on the wall/ Uptown, it’s dead now, but/ Out here no one seems to care at all.
  2. Coast of Carolina by Telekinesis: Yes, Indie indeed is my new genre! And this song, with such lyrics: “Come down, come quickly!… Constant conversations with my self.” Sold!
  3. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga: LADY GAGA! Enough Said!
  4. Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson: I know I should also list her power-packed newer songs, but somehow this song resonated with me what with all the shit I was going through before I made my life-altering decisions. And so it has been on my playlist, because each time I hear it, I rediscover the reason and consequences of those reasons that have made my life infinitely better!
  5. We are Sex Bob-omb and Threshold from the Scott Pilgrim OST: One Two Three Four! crash bang boom. Yeah Yeah! Yeeaahhh! Reaching my threshold!
  6. Black Sheep by Metric: Another Scott Pilgrim OST song. Another awesome stoner song too! I miss weed!
  7. Papillon by The Airborne Toxic Event: As each instrument joins in the fast paced bass guitar the tempo seems to build up until the heavy vocals join in. Keeping pace with the beat gets me pumped!
  8. I’m a lady by Santigold: How great is this song! “And I like sometimes to wave it high/ Up where everyone can see, I’m a lady/ Got my mind made up…”
  9. Escape Me byTiësto feat. CC Sheffield: Best power walking song EVER!

5 thoughts on “Gym Playlist

  1. Haha, I remember Stupefy. What a song!,
    And I ❤ Take me to the Riot, and basically all of their albums, especially In Our Bedroom After the War.
    I could share my playlist, if you want. 🙂

  2. Interesting young lady, I look forward to your posts. Most likely I can learn from your life experiences. if nothing else may get me to see things at angels that I have not looked from before. Shalom

      1. You are very welcome, thank you for your efforts. I feel the same way about people reading my posts. I am no computer geek by any stretch of anyone’s imagination but even to me only getting about 2-10 visitors a day is depressing. As you know one can put a lot of work into one of these blogs, I just wish I had more readers also. I wish you well, I hope you have a good weekend, stay safe, God’s blessings to you and to yours.

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