Add the uncertainty of future for those on Temporary Posts (contracts for 6 months), same duties as permanent faculty without the same respect (in terms of accumulating tangible experience for the promotion schemes) with only 6 days leave, one for each month, and you have the reason why I ended the cycle of EXPLOITATION at Ambedkar University Delhi.

The University Worker

These are two reports from teachers at AUD, recounting the experience of the teaching process in terms of classroom work, administrative work and the gendered nature of the job as well as the intervention of the AUD Faculty Association (AUDFA).


1. Sumedha is a permanent teacher who has been in AUD for over 4 years, having taught for 5 years before that, in a DU college and a university. Unlike DU, the department has to teach from BA to PHD. Harish has been an Associate Professor here for a number of years, having taught elsewhere as well. While in other universities the work load is 8 credits per year and 4 per semester, in AUD they are expected to teach two four-credit courses each semester.

2. Beyond classes, there is research, class preparation and other administrative work. Research supervision cannot be precisely calculated in terms of time…

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