Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai

Goal # 1 for 1st May : Watch a film at a cinema.

This was relatively easy goal to complete. I went to see The Jungle Book at PVR Director’s Cut with my cousin sisters.

I don’t intend to write a review of the film. All I would say about it is – It was awesome [PERIOD].

I have now seen the one movie I wanted to see in this month when plenty interesting movies are lined up. I can download and watch them later, but this version of The Jungle Book is best seen at a good cinema hall.

Talking  of good cinema halls, I have usually loved Director’s cut till now. I don’t think I can go lower ever again, but this time DC was disappointing. There was a ghost figure visible many times on the screen. Now, I’m not sure why this was. It was not because of the 3D glasses. There was definitely a ghost figure on the screen. One of my cousin sister also saw it. She too like me has a set of perfectionist standards which makes this chaotic ‘turd’ (third) world seem too alien. And dealing with it on a day to day basis is like a fish learning to breathe outside water for us.

So, when this ghost image appeared at the most expensive cinema hall in all of India, I realized that I must get out of here. What shit Indians can get away with selling shit to shitty consumers who can’t seem to stand up and say, “Why am I being sold shit? I deserve better.”

I hope to see Finding Dory in June, if it does get released in India simultaneously with the U.S. And I hope to see it at the IMAX newly opened in Noida. What horrors might come of that cinema hall, I fear to even imagine. but here’s hoping for a miracle.

In the meantime, by clicking this, enjoy the theme track of my childhood cartoon series version of Jungle book redone for this new version in Hindi for the Indian audience (fun fact, my uncle, Vishal Bhardwaj gave music to Gulzar’s visionary lyrics for this theme track, both Gulzar and Vishal phupha ji feature in the video)

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