Just for Fun

Game Addiction Anonymous

Goal No. 3 for 3rd May: Go a day without playing any cellphone game

I am addicted to games, have been since I was very young. Board games, Puzzles, Computer games, you name it!

Back in the 90’s, two of my first games were hand-held nintendo games of the Game & Watch series called Snoopy Tennis and Tropical Fish. There was Manhole as well, which was owned by my uncle who had worked in UAE around 1990. He would lend it to us kids to play. Technically Tropical Fish was mine and Snoopy Tennis was my sister’s. Turned out that my parents meant to give away our games to two of our cousin brothers. Didn’t we hate our parents when that happened! Our parents excuse was that we had the TV nintendo, and we shouldn’t be greedy. My sister preferred Super Mario and I didn’t mind Duck Hunt as much. I hated the laughing dog so much, though! We begged and begged for them to buy more cassettes of different games, but they didn’t. 😦

Then, we were the first to get a computer at home thanks to my mom who felt we needed to learn how to use it. My cousins would line up to play Tetris, Space Invader, Pacman, Prince of Persia, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?,  Dave, amongst others. Even my mom would play sometimes, and her favorite was Tetris. Although she liked to watch us play much more. Sometimes she would get mad if I beat her score, and this is now one of my favourite aspect of my mom. No other Indian woman of her age can probably claim to have played Computer Games in the 90’s!

Even now, my mom plays various games on her phone and her iPad. And sometimes she and I compare notes. Sometimes I clear the levels for her that she can’t seem to clear. We rarely bond, but games have always brought us closer. Recently though, my mom threatened to take away my cellphone, like I was a teenage boy! But she was right in making the threat. I have been playing a lot more than I should. Being jobless and at home means that I sit down to wake up with my coffee in the late morning with a cellphone game that I play for a couple of hours. Like I used to sit down with a crossword puzzle with breakfast before.

I used to have many games on my cell, but I removed most of them. Now I have a total of five game apps, of which I play three most of the time, 2 are still there so as to not delete the progress. I will delete them, but not just yet. I hope I can actually reduce my addiction this time without deletion. I must learn control.

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