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Goal no. 5 for 5th May: Organise Closet

Maybe for some people this might sound like an easy achievable goal. What’s so challenging about properly folding clothes and hanging or stacking them up in a closet? A LOT, if you have not done any of that since January!  (I am usually an obsessively organized person, but I am also a ginormous procrastinator. I obsessively organize because I know I let things get bad because of procrastination.)

I last organized my closet around New Year’s  with the help of my sister, I managed to sustain the organised method for about two weeks until newly laundered clothes and/or searching for something nice to wear upset the entire thing. And since then I have not bothered to arrange my closet. I usually pulled whatever was visible, and stuffed back whatever fell out from the pulling. I also just shoved the washed clothes in annoyance after they had sat on my bed for a week or two. Sometimes I’d just not open my closet, but take the fresh clothes directly from pile on my bed. (Thank God for a 6ft by 5ft bed for one person and cat!)

I guess this is classic behaviour of someone who procrastinates. It’s not just laziness, but it is a vicious cycle. You want to be perfect at something, but don’t have time for perfection, so you delay doing the task until not doing it becomes a problem. The problem only gets worse because the solution is delayed which worsens the problem and so on until it is four and a half months later and you have to put it down as a challenge to conquer!

Apart from the fact that my closet was in supreme disorder, I also had to put away the winter woolens and bring out the summer cool cottons. So, you can imagine I had a huge task ahead of me. Even my mom took pity on me and asked if she could help! But it was my challenge, and I had no idea how to use her help! This goal took me an entire day to finish!

AND, I put on my iPod while I worked, since there is no method of organising your closet that goes unaccompanied by music. If you don’t have music, trying on the strange outfits in there and cat-walking/modeling looks just lame! Probably I could have achieved my goal in less time than an entire day; yes, head banging, moon-walking, shimming, running man, wining, and other sorts of jiving can be avoided, but where’s the fun in that?!

BTW, the Awesome Mix Tape Volume 1 goes well while closet organization. Also, if you have the urge to kick some of those clothes that no longer fit like Skylord kicking those aliens while Redbone performs “Come and Get your Love,” I highly recommend fulfilling that cathartic urge, just don’t kick the cat as well!

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