bouquets of sharpened pencils

Goal # 6 for 6th May: Organise Desk

Truth be told, this goal is not yet fully complete. I have indeed cleaned the dust and Simba’s hair from everything on the desk, and I sorted out what was meant to be kept and threw out what was no longer in use or of use. But, since there are still things on my bed which need to be properly kept on the desk instead of the bed, I am not yet satisfied about the completion of this goal.

Today has been a miserable day. I worked today with a hormonal free-for-all snake-pit. Lack of sleep may have contributed to all the stupid/bad/terrible/horrible things that happened today. I won’t list them out, but believe me, really terrible things happened, and not just emotionally – like actual physical things!

So, all things considered, I will say the goal finished by not lingering on what was not accomplished, but focus on what I did manage to finish despite the inner and outer turmoil.

Lesson of the day: Sharpening pencils with a blade is therapeutic.

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