Smiles, from miles away

Goal: Talk to someone I haven’t spoken to a while for 21st May

I spoke to one of my best best friends after years. I can’t remember when we last spoke on the phone before this, and it’s close to nine years since we last met. Last I remember of him was he and his cousin leaving my house in Tokyo with his backpack on a wwoofing adventure across Japan. I remember being snappy a lot and sometimes a downright bitch, because I was so angry inside that we were parting. I did not know then why I behaved the way I did, but now I know. Alienating people is my way of coping with sadness or loss.

David was my person when we were in Okinawa. Had he not been there, my experience in Motobu might not have been as awesome as it was. I did not drive back then, and in Okinawa that meant I was doomed to everlasting hell. I had a scooter, but it did not allow me to travel long distances. I could get about town, and that was it. Only because of David I got to move around the rest of the island as much as I did. There aren’t many intelligent, well-read, good-natured, kind, decent, and yet very humorous people in this world, and to know him, to be able to share long conversations with him, has been an honour.

It was he who took the initiative to converse with me after getting worried for me because of my ‘dark blog post’. What he doesn’t know is that I had meant to speak with him for this goal all along. I have been thinking of speaking to him even more since he sent voice messages to me on whatsapp. It was so good to hear his voice, and I had not realized how much I missed just hanging out with him.

Friends like him are hard to find and if only such a wide space did not distance us, or if the time difference was better, we’d stay in touch more often. The strangest part of technology is that sometimes it still keeps you disconnected from those who matter most even while it brings together two absolute strangers together.

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