Completed Goal: Spa Day for 13th May Friday.

After dropping Barima and Simba at my aunt’s, my mom and I had time and opportunity to head to the beauty parlour. Leaving my old granny alone at home is out of the question, although I have left Simba alone in my room many times. In case of my granny, there should be someone nearby at all times in case there is an emergency. She is not at her deathbed, but having one functional lung means that she can become asthmatic easily and have troubled breathing especially if she panics for some reason. Her limited mobility also means that going to the bathroom is impossible by herself. So only after leaving her with my aunt, my mother and I could take time to ourselves.

The best part of the spa day was that while I was relaxing it rained outside for a bit and when I was on the way home, I saw a rainbow.

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