Uzbeki Vegetarian?

Goal: Eat a new cuisine for 19th May.

On 19th May, we went to Samarkand. For lunch we were served Uzbeki food made without meat. Along with their delightful bread, the obi-non, we were served plov – which is much the same as Pulau (the Indian rice dish) but with more oil than I’d like, something which in Hindi we know as Khichri – a dish made with a mixture of dals/pulses and a tomato-based dry-ish vegetable stew. Unfortunately,  I do not remember the name of these last two dishes. Maybe they made it specially for us, and it does not exist as traditional Uzbeki cuisine. Nonetheless, everything we were served that day was delicious, including the yogurt and the salad! And even the ice-cream. If you think Vanilla ice-cream can’t be less generic than it is, you are wrong. This one was simply divine!


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