When in drought

Goal: Swim for 17th May

I had to alter this goal. I intended to take a dip in the swimming pool of our hotel – City Palace in Tashkent. When I went to enquire about the pool timings etc., the receptionist referred to another man – maybe her boss – who said something to her in Uzbek with a scowl on his face. The receptionist then turned to me to tell me that there was a 20-dollar charge to use the pool. USD20 in Indian rupees is no less amount. I can get a couple of years’ subscription to the nearest pool in that amount in Delhi. So, instead, I soaked in the hotel bathtub, which was big enough for me to uncomfortably float in for a while. I know swimming in a pool and soaking in a bathtub are two very different things, but both of these things are water-related near-impossible tasks in Delhi.