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Step by Step

There were four goals in May that I completed but did not yet blog about. One of them I will not reveal just yet. There is a corresponding secret goal attached to it for the month of June. And I will reveal the big secret once I have no need for superstitious secrecy.

The other goal was buy a treat for myself. I bought a boho bag made of canvas from Amazon. It’s not a big deal.

The third goal I did complete was to listen to an album by a new artist. I chose the Hungry Ghosts’ album Alone Alone. I will write a review on it later.

The fourth goal was to put together the new and unopened Japanese puzzle. I went one step further with this goal. I framed it. When dad had found out he was going to work in Japan in 2002, he had brought home an Air Korea poster for Tokyo which showed the Tokyo Tower from a Travel Agent friend. I thought it an ugly poster, but for dad it was like an omen. He had to have it. This oldish, ugly poster was getting to be an old image for the eyes. And I wanted to use it for one of my other puzzles for a long time. So when I finally put together Shakuyaku, I asked dad if I could put it in the frame of the Tokyo poster. He said yes and there it is, looking like this:



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