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Fiction #2 Inferno by Dan Brown

**Spoiler Alert** After reading Angels and Demons, I had told myself that would never bother myself again with anymore BrownPoo. But then I went to Florence last year in June and saw a copy of his Inferno in every other tourist’s hand and hundreds of copies in every gift shop of every museum. I resisted… Continue reading Fiction #2 Inferno by Dan Brown


13. Publish a paper in an academic journal.

I modified the paper I wrote for Sambuddha Sen’s course on the Nineteenth Century Novel in England, and sent it to Families: A Journal of Representation. This paper had gotten me an A from Sambuddha! It was accepted for the special edition the journal did on “Text and Textiles”. My paper “The ‘Art of Dress’… Continue reading 13. Publish a paper in an academic journal.