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Awaiting Silence

Everyday, every moment, Drum beats of time Enter my soul Disturb my mind. Incessantly, Unendingly, Their throbs increase my heartbeat Until all I hear is the percussion Of blood Flowing in a mortal shell Which will crack open To reveal nothing But the goo Of flesh broken down By the constant thumping And pounding.

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30 Day Challenge

Ever since I can remember, I have felt the need for something that pushes my boundaries. Especially after abandoning my 101 goals in 1001 days, I have been lazy, listless, and under-productive. Beginning of this year, in January, a group of macrame artists on Facebook hosted a 30 day challenge. I happened to join the… Continue reading 30 Day Challenge


An Ode to a Clove Cigarette: Also an extended metaphor of love

Your unique fragrance perceptible to all as unique sets you apart when you are lit. Your uniqueness transfers to me. Or is it vice versa? because only I’m a romantic fool enough to love you. The sweet taste you leave on the lips Is sweeter for its forbiddenness. Yes, you are mostly harmful. My lungs… Continue reading An Ode to a Clove Cigarette: Also an extended metaphor of love


The Interview

Released from the doubt That plagued me forever, I think I have the answer To the question I did not ask ever. A question I needed to ask But knew not how to frame. Because the answer I received Puts my mental question To shame. The bubble has burst. Unasked questions are always the worst.