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30 Day Challenge

Ever since I can remember, I have felt the need for something that pushes my boundaries. Especially after abandoning my 101 goals in 1001 days, I have been lazy, listless, and under-productive. Beginning of this year, in January, a group of macrame artists on Facebook hosted a 30 day challenge. I happened to join the… Continue reading 30 Day Challenge

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101 things that make me happy:

The sound of the ocean. Sea Shells. Sea Spray. Soft, sandy beaches. The smell of wet earth. Ice Creams galore. The Smell of Spring. Flower blossoms. Butterflies. Crunching crispy fallen leaves. Floating on Water. Karaoke. Books, Books, Books. Receiving snail mail. Watermelons Honeydew Melons Musk Melons Sunshine. Moonlight. Stars. Onsens Jacuzzis and Bubble Baths. Colourful… Continue reading 101 things that make me happy: