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Awaiting Silence

Everyday, every moment, Drum beats of time Enter my soul Disturb my mind. Incessantly, Unendingly, Their throbs increase my heartbeat Until all I hear is the percussion Of blood Flowing in a mortal shell Which will crack open To reveal nothing But the goo Of flesh broken down By the constant thumping And pounding.

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She is gone.

There are painful memories not yet stored deep in the core. These memories are just beneath the crust of day-to-day existence. They are hot magma swirling around in the upper mantle, and occasionally, but with sufficient volcanic destruction, they bursts forth, rupturing the crusty mundane life of the everyday. Like now. Seeing a hypocritical message on Whatsass… Continue reading She is gone.

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How to Train Your Cinema Halls for 3D

Yesterday, I went to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2” – my fourth alone-movie-watching-experience. I went to what is considered a decent cinema hall – PVR Cinemas in Subhash Nagar. Firstly they bored us with many commercials and quite a few of them were even inappropriate for a children’s movie. I’m not a prude about… Continue reading How to Train Your Cinema Halls for 3D

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10 Reasons to be Excited for the New and Last Season of True Blood!

Stolen/reblogged from my old blog, here is an entry I made awaiting a new season of True Blood, edited and yet the reasons remain the same! 1) Vampires and werewolves.. 2) plus shapeshifters, fairies, maenads, and witches among other non-existing things 3) Blood n gore GALORE! 4) To hear bill go “Sookie” in his aspirated… Continue reading 10 Reasons to be Excited for the New and Last Season of True Blood!

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Sometimes when I take an auto-rickshaw I keep a coin in my hand Like a talisman To keep the beggars away. By giving the talisman away. The days I don’t feel The smooth disk with my fingers the metallic taste of the full moon floods my mouth with its bitterness.

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Classroom Epiphany

Today was my second lecture on Hans Holbein’s The Ambassadors, as part of my “Literatures of the Renaissance” course. In the first lecture I had talked about the painting without revealing what the ‘bony thing in front’ was. I wanted to leave some mystery about it, and see if the curiosity would drive some to go home and Google it.… Continue reading Classroom Epiphany