A Traveler and a Tourist Walked into a Bar

Remember how annoyingly secretive I was being about something in the previous posts about my goals, as if anybody is really following my process? Even though I basically did include it in the list of my goals right at the beginning, and there was little reason therefore to be superstitious about it!? The goal for… Continue reading A Traveler and a Tourist Walked into a Bar


Stupid Girl Reads Stupid Book by Stupid Guy

Too much stupidity, don’t you think!? The friend who gifted me this stupid book is also stupid, by the way, for paying money for it. Goal # 2 for 2nd May: Read a Graphic Novel I chose this one in my collection of books unread till date. I’m not sure why some books are left unread, especially… Continue reading Stupid Girl Reads Stupid Book by Stupid Guy

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30 Day Challenge

Ever since I can remember, I have felt the need for something that pushes my boundaries. Especially after abandoning my 101 goals in 1001 days, I have been lazy, listless, and under-productive. Beginning of this year, in January, a group of macrame artists on Facebook hosted a 30 day challenge. I happened to join the… Continue reading 30 Day Challenge


Tips for Travelling in Turkey

Planning a trip to Turkey? Good choice! Here are some tips I’d like to share with you from my experiences in Turkey: Turkey in general: Don’t exchange money at the bank counters. Instead use the ATMs with exchange facilities. No commission is charged at the ATMs and you will also find non-ATM exchangers without commission… Continue reading Tips for Travelling in Turkey