The Goals

Academic: (1/17)
1. Read 101 fiction books.(7/51)
2. Read 51 non-fiction books.(0/21)
3. Read 101 longish poetic works. (0/21)
4. Read 21 graphic novels. (3/11)
5. Read all plays by Shakespeare. (5/37)
6. Read the concise history of 1 country per continent. (0/5)
7. Read 11 biographies or autobiographies. (0/11)
8. Read 21 books I’ve already read before.(0/21)
9. Study the life and works of 51 visual artists. (1/11)
10. Compile all BA and MA notes.
11. Publish a travel article on Okinawa.
12. Publish at least 2 research papers in an academic journal.
13. Read at least one paper at a national conference/seminar.
14. Read at least one paper at an international conference/seminar.
15. Enroll in a PhD programme.
16. Learn 101 Japanese Kanjis.
17. Learn to identify the flags of at least 51 countries of the world.

Body: (0/9)
18. Dye or streak hair a strange colour.
19. Shave hair off head.
20. Get a tattoo.
21. Lose weight : target 65~70kgs.
22. Get another piercing.
23. Wake up before 8am for a month straight.(4/31)
24. Practice yoga at least 3 times a week for a month.
25. Learn to do basic Tai Chi exercises.
26. Exercise for at least half an hour everyday for a month.

Creativity: (2/11)
27. Fold 1001 paper cranes.
28. Design and stitch a handbag.
29. Write the story of my life.
30. Make a ‘Tree of Life”.
31. Make a wallet.
32. Make a bonsai.
33. Make something with paper-mache.
34. Make a collage and frame it.
35. Make a cloth organizer for my purse.
36. Make a wind chime.
37. Make a patchwork quilt/rug.

Good Deeds: (1/3)
38. Present someone with a bouquet for no reason.
39. Adopt a pet.
40. Plant 11 trees.

Just For Fun: (0/23)
41. Smile at a 100 strangers and get them to smile back at me.
42. Get soaked in the rain.
44. Skinny Dip.
45. Go on a Roller Coaster.
46. Sky Dive!
47. Bungee Jump!
48. Go White Water Rafting!
49. Test Drive a car I can’t afford.
50. Make margarittas at home.
51. Write a letter to my favourite author.
52. Give a secret valentine.
53. Sleep under the stars.
54. Go ice-skating!
55. Take a hike in the mountains.
56. Watch a sunrise.
57. Make a snowman.
58. Make a snow angel.
59. Send a message in a bottle.
60. Write a letter to self to be opened at the age of 50.
61. Swim in the ocean.
62. Take a boat ride.
63. Sing loudly in a music store.

Movies/Music/Entertainment: (0/12)
64. Go watch a theatrical play.
65. Go see a sports match – live, not on TV.
66. Watch 51 noteworthy movies.
67. Watch 11 documentaries.
68. Go to a Pearl Jam concert.
69. Listen to the entire discography of 11 new artists.
70. Attend a western classical music performance.
71. Attend a classical Indian music concert.
72. Attend a jazz concert.
73. Attend a ballet performance.
74. See a sumo match in real.
75. See a kabuki performance

Photography: (0/3)
76. Collate 101 pictures of Life in Delhi montage.
77. Collate 101 pictures of Life in Japan montage.
78. Do a Project 365.

Shopaholic: (1/6)
79. Buy a DSLR.
80. Buy an electronic photo frame.
81. Buy a new iPhone.
82. Buy an iPad.
83. Buy my own domain.
84. Buy a new laptop.

Testing self-will: (1/5)
85. Go a week without TV serials.
86. Go a week without playing any game on electronic devices
87. Eat only watermelon for a whole day.
88. Go without eating ice cream for a month straight.
89. Go without eating chocolate (in any form) for a fortnight straight.

Wanderlust: (0/7)
90. Go on a trip abroad.
91. Go on a random trip.
92. Go on a road trip.
93. Go to a new continent.
94. Get an international driving license and drive in a country other than India.
95. Try geocaching.
96. Go on a holiday with no luggage.

Dreamy: (0/4)
97. Kiss a lover
98. Dance a measure
99. Find your name
100. And buried Treasure…

Listology: (0/1)
101. Make a new 101 list.

9 thoughts on “The Goals

  1. You are very ambitious and very diverse in your collection of reads, movies, so on. I will have to think of something to challenge my self? Any ideas? I am looking forward to following you and to see you accomplish these goals. Have a fab day, Allie.

    1. Thank you!

      Sometimes we have to make a list to push ourselves. Sometimes we just like making list! πŸ™‚

      I keep changing my list, so I don’t know if that is cheating or not, I don’t think so (and therefore I do that!) BUT the important thing is to add some spice to the daily routine of life and actually try to live a little more! Otherwise is no fun! πŸ™‚

      So make a goal/s to challenge yourself only if you know you want to accomplish it, and only if you know you will feel better about yourself afterwards. Enjoy and thankyoumoreplease! πŸ™‚

      1. I’ve thought about it perhaps more English Literature and/or writing poems. What do you think? I am not so comfortable but a challenge is good for my brain as well as my soul. Thanks for the encouragement, Allie

        1. April was the NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month. And NaNoWriMo for Novels is coming up in November. If you want you can assign your very own NaPoWriMo and challenge yourself to a poem a day for a month straight. Even though it was not on my list, I still loved it completing it. and I think I came up with some brilliant poems. It was quite a challenge, especially on days when I was forcing myself to be inspired!

          You could steal my ‘1001 books to read list’ which I too stole πŸ™‚ Or you could check out BBC’s top 100 books or you know, just read anything! Books are awesome! πŸ™‚

          I’ll be looking forward to following you through your challenge/s! πŸ™‚

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